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A letter to my rapist # 3

By Samantha D.
May 2, 2022
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You raped me. I didn’t want to have sex with you. I bled on your carpet, but you assumed I was menstruating and forced me to have your penis in my mouth.

I had to walk home after and my mom got mad at me because I stayed in bed for days afterwards.

Everytime I hear your name I start to gag and I can never wear the same clothes without remembering what you did to me. I can’t walk near basketball courts, or ride the bus after dark. I can’t live my life the way I did before. I’m not sure if you know you raped me but I don’t think I can forget, and even if I get old and can’t remember your name I will still have to look at the scarring you left. I will never forgive you.

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