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Guaranteed Livable Income

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We believe that the application of Guaranteed Livable Income will ensure that no one, let alone Indigenous women, suffers from economic hardship and poverty.

By Hilla Kerner
December 2018

As feminists we are demanding our fair share of the common wealth. The successes of the feminist revolution is rooted in collectively insisting on 100% of what we want, making the impossible, possible – for our desire for freedom makes Guaranteed Livable Income only a minute step towards our vision of liberation

By Maria Wong
May 2018

“If the government will provide Guaranteed Livable Income...that will allow women to have dignified lives... It will improve the situation in general, but will allow women to escape a lot of abusive situations in particular.”

By News1130
March 8, 2018

A Guaranteed Livable Income must be set high enough to meet adequate standards of living. It should provide all basic necessities such as a nutritious diet, safe adequate housing, transportation, and allow for discretionary spending to enhance full participation in community life.

By Maria Wong
August 15, 2017

Women in Canada expect full and generous provision for all people's basic needs from the common wealth. Social and collective provision for sustaining life must be generous and secure in Canada and must be delivered through national mechanisms appropriately influenced and controlled by the women of our many specific communities.

By Lee Lakeman, Angela Miles, and Linda Christiansen-Ruffman

A guaranteed livable income should be looked at as a health initiative. Just as clean water and sanitation are recognized as essential in disease prevention, so should a guaranteed income be looked at as necessary to our physical and social health and the health of the planet,

By Cindy L'Hirondelle

Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI) was featured in the first issue of MS. Magazine in 1972, where welfare activist Johnnie Tillmon stated: "Maybe we poor welfare women will really liberate women in this country… . We put together our own welfare plan, called Guaranteed Adequate Income, which would eliminate sexism from welfare."

By Cindy L’Hirondelle
April 2006
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