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"Ask yourself: Why should women be afraid of coming forward? Why are women receiving death threats? Why are women used as a punchline after disclosing a violent rape?"

June 13, 2022

" I’m angry that you fucked up my reality so bad that I spent years just trying to figure out what even happened."

By Anonymous
May 11, 2022

"If I’d been forced to give birth, so many of the things I have today would be stripped away"

By Megan Moffatt
May 10, 2022

"I can’t live my life the way I did before."

By Samantha D.
May 2, 2022

"Yoko Ono’s “Arising” is yet another reinforcement of how we women must create and preserve spaces that invite us to share and hear each other, to join forces, take action and fight our oppression until we are all safe and free."

By Hilla Kerner
April 26, 2022

"One day I truly hope you understand how much pain and hurt that goes through my body each time I remember what you did."

By Natasha
April 25, 2022

"Let me be frank this time: you raped me. You are a rapist."

By Thanh
April 5, 2022

Dealing with the criminal justice system as a victim of sexual assault can be frustrating and even traumatizing. You don’t need to go through it alone.

By Sophia Hladik
November 29, 2021
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Peer Counselling
Grouping with other women
Advocacy with police
Accompaniment to a sexual assault exam
Housing for women and children escaping violence

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