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Statistics about Violence against Girls and Young Women in Canada

December 2018

Source: Statistics Canada, Police-reported violence against girls and young women in Canada, 2017 (Release Date: December 17, 2018)

Aboriginal girls and young women over-represented among victims of homicide.

Violence against girls and young women was most commonly perpetrated by a male accused. The accused-victim relationship varied: younger girls were most often victimized by a family member, older girls by a casual acquaintance and young women by a non-spousal intimate partner (a man they were dating).

Sexual offences were 29% of police-reported violence committed against girls and young women and 50% were physical assault. In contrast, boys and young men were most often victims of physical assault offences (66%), while sexual offences were far less common (6%) for boys and young men.

Regardless of age group, rates for sexual offences were much higher for girls and young women than their male counterparts. Rates were three times higher for younger girls aged 11 and younger, over nine times higher for older girls aged 12 to 17 and nearly 14 times higher for young women aged 18 to 24.

Overall, the large majority of those accused of violence against girls and young women were male, and this was similar for accused of violence against boys and young men.

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