Divorce Law

Divorce Law

It is still not mandatory under federal divorce law for judges to consider “domestic violence” in divorce cases. Even when domestic violence is clearly present, it is often not identified by lawyers, or considered during the case. The division of matrimonial property in the case of divorce still does not apply to Aboriginal women living on reserves and legal aid does not cover division of property or application to divorce.

Battered women advocates have continue to participate in reform efforts for the federal divorce laws and property rights on reserves to be amended.

Here you will find documents that relate to those efforts and basic information about Divorce Law.

Update of Bill C-22 by Pamela Cross

Ontario Women's Network on Custody and Access Brief to the Federal, Provincial, Territorial Family Law Committee on Custody, Access and Child Support

The Canadian Divorce Act

Canadian Divorce Law

Federal Guidelines for Child Support

Matrimonial Property for Canada

Since 1985, Sharon McIvor has fought for gender equality in the Indian Act, which discriminates against Aboriginal Women as bearers of Status. The recent Bill C-3 continues to perpetuate these inequalities. Read More

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