Custody and Access

In this section, you will find articles about custody, access and divorce law. As advocates working for and with battered women, we have come to know that the violence and threat of violence does not end at the point of separation. In fact, there is plenty of evidence from our work that demonstrates that the risk of abuse and death are heightened once she leaves.

One common way abusive men attempt to continue to control and bully women is through custody and access issues. Legal bullying is a particularly insidious form of post-separation violence. This is when the abuser uses the family law and the family court process as tools in his ongoing quest to continue to control and abuse his former partner.

Violence at this time often includes a wide spectrum of abusive behaviours, including physical assault, threats of physical violence, controlling behaviours and/or psychological abuse that are used by the abuser to make a woman reconcile or punish her for leaving.

Many abused women turn to family law and family court for assistance and support in making post-separation parenting arrangements as well as to resolve issues such as spousal and child support, property division or to get a restraining order. Unfortunatly many women discover that processes of family court interfere with her attempts to escape her abuser and protect herself and her children.

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