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Notes from Moazami’s Trial

By Hilla Kerner
October 3, 2013

Second victim to testify -“J”

She met Reza Moazami on June 2011 when she was 15 years old

No father in the picture 

She had been using cocaine since she was 12

She quit school and was living with friends who were involved in prostitution

She Needed help, needed money and didn’t know what to do.

A friend said she could stay with her and her mom in Maple Ridge

The friend introduced her to Reza.

The following day Reza took them and another girl to a house in Richmond. He took pictures of them to post an ad. For the pictures they wore lingerie, make up and high heeled shoes that were in the house.

There were condoms in the house and a taser. They were supposed to use the taser if a “client” was “acting out of hand” or didn’t pay.

He took her to get nails done and then tanning. He said she was “too white.”

The rate was $125 for 30 minutes, $150 for an hour.

She doesn’t remember the first night – not how many men or how much they paid.

She was “working” for him for 3 weeks

Started every day at 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. and “work” for the rest of the night until 4:00 or 5:00 a.m.

First she did only “In calls” – the Johns will come to the apartment so Reza could check that she was “acting professional. Then she did “out calls” – going to Surrey and Delta. She never talked to the Johns ahead of time.  Someone else would set up the appointments.

Reza told her she’d have a home, food and her bills taken care of as long as she was”working”

During the 3 weeks she worked every day except two.

She “saw” 10 or 11 men every night

She estimates she made $10,000 for Reza

Reza provided her and the other girls with unlimited liquid GHB that was kept in the freezer.

He got her a little dog and used it as leverage. When she didn’t want to “work” he threatened  to hurt the dog or her so she complied. He hit her a few times.   

She had “consensual” sex with Reza twice (Hilla: not consent – she was 15, he was an adult)

On a third time – she was “G holed” (passed out after drinking GHB) and she woke up while he was raping her anally.

Reza took her and another girl to Calgary. He said “there is a lot of money to make there”. His friend drove them.

She and the other girl were drinking and didn’t hear Reza knocking on the door. When they finally did open the door, he kicked her in her thigh so hard she couldn’t walk. Reza’s friend took her to the hospital.  It took the bruise 3 months to heal.

She was afraid Reza would find her so from the hospital she went to her mom’s  because he didn’t know where her mom lives.

After she left he sent her a picture showing her clothes burnt.

She never returned to him. 

She has been clean and sober for a year and a half.

(taken by Hilla)


Notes from September 30, 2013

First victim to testify “J”

She was 19 when she met Reza Moazami through a friend

Her first “job” was a bachelor party for 12 men.

Her and another woman “E” were sent to the party. The bachelor took “E.” J was taken by the father of the bride.

She was happy when she got the money. Describes herself as “naive and high.” 

The rate was $150 for a “quickie,” $250 for 30 minutes and  $300 for 60 minutes.

Reza  told her she could either keep half of the money or give it all to him in exchange for him providing for everything for her – rent, food, clothes… She chose the second option.

She “worked” for him every day for two and a half months—from mid-May to August 2010— including days when she had her period.

She “saw’ johns between 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. and during lunch breaks from 1:00pm – 2:00 p.m.

He broke her phone a few times “to put her in her place”.

He took her to Calgary three times. He said: “Lots of businessmen, good money”

If the hotel had two bedrooms Reza waited in the second bedroom. If it was one bedroom he would wait on the staircase.

He provided her with unlimited GHB – She was “high” all the time and often “G-holed” (passed out). He also gave her alcohol.

She was compliant and did whatever he wanted. She knew he beat other girls. She felt she was  in a cage.

When Reza was arrested and released, he contacted her and ask her to go back at Calgary to “finish their plans”.

He promised her that if she met  him he would  give her half of her earnings. When she came he threatened to break her dog’s neck if she wouldn’t come with him. He stepped on the fabric cage of the dog maybe you mean dog carrier?. She was scared and didn’t get out of the taxi.

After that, she worked for another pimp for a short time. With Reza she was always high, but now that she had days that she wasn’t using she realized how much she didn’t want to “work”. She “got clean” and still is – for 3 years now.

At the end of her testimony she said: “It is something that no one should ever have to do. They keep you addicted so you continue to do it. They lie and tell you it will give you freedom but you are controlled in every second of it”

(taken by Hilla)


Press release: Vancouver Rape Relief Monitors Trial of a Local Man Charged with Pimping and Sexual Assault of Girls – September 27, 2013

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