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Migrant care workers demand Landed Status Now!

By Karla Gjini
November 19, 2018

On Sunday, November 18, 2018, migrant care workers from across Canada launched a report and are calling for Canada to treat care work and the women who provide it with fairness and respect. A new program is needed to ensure women who migrate to Canada to provide necessary care work for children, the elderly, and the sick are able to secure status with their families and live lives without exploitation.

Coming to Canada under the expiring Caregiver Program, many racialized women experience discrimination and unethical working conditions only to then live in limbo between status and family separation.

The Coalition for Migrant Workers is demanding that the government create a federal program that provides landed status for care workers and their families, open work permits, removal of new educational requirements and other basic and fair demands to replace the broken and expiring current Caregiver Program.

Take action! Here’s how:

Send an email to Honorable Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen right now (by signing the petition) and insist that Care Workers deserve permanent residency status, to be together with family and treated with full human rights, fairness and respect. Share the petition on Facebook and Twitter.

Read the report, share with your networks, and encourage them to sign or email as well. 
Go the extra step and send the same email to your Member of Parliament (MP).

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