Sustaining Our Resistance to Male Violence: Attacks on Women's Organizing and Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter by Lee Lakeman (2006)

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Lee Lakeman's article was originally published in Canadian Woman Studies, Vol 25, No 1-2, 2006).

A partial quote was recently published in main stream media that misrepresented the points that were actually (and fully) made in the article.

Read the full article here.

Here is the full paragraph which the sentence was taken from:

"Among the women who came forward offering to testify for us were women who had very particular sets of such expectations. One mother had been herself attacked by a police officer in Europe during war, by a husband later in Canada. She brought her adolescent daughter to us after an attack saying very clearly that she did not want to discuss such things with a man or someone who had been a man.

Women told us that they did not want to guess at the door whether or not this was a man. Even deep voices, male insignia like baseball caps and boots can make women nervous. They knew that in the shelter bedrooms were sometimes shared, that very little privacy is possible, and that close quarters were the norm not the exception.

But more often the worry was that someone who had grown up being treated as a male to adulthood simply did not share the references women make in our telling each other about assaults, the objective or subjective experiences of being raised from girlhood to womanhood."