An Open Letter to the Attorney General of British Columbia and to the head of Prosecution Service

Honourable David Eby, Attorney General, British Columbia
Peter Juk, Assistant Deputy Attorney General, BC Prosecution Service

June 17, 2020

The B.C. Prosecution Service has just announced that it has chosen not to charge constables Adam King, Zach Guy and Silvana Burtini after a three-year investigation by the Alberta RCMP. Although little is known about the case, including what charges were recommended by the Alberta RCMP, concerns about the constables’ conduct were raised during the internal criminal investigation into former Vancouver Police Department detective James Fisher who admitted to kissing at least two victims of sexual exploitation, one of whom was 17 years old at the time. We know now that his actions are reported to be much more extensive than revealed in the public court proceedings and there have been accusations that Fisher abused several other young women in his capacity as a detective in the Counter Exploitation Unit, all of whom were victims of convicted pimps.

Due to prosecutorial discretion, we will never know the factors that influenced special prosecutor Joseph Doyle’s decision. We are outraged that these three police officers, who have been accused of aiding a high-ranking Vancouver Police Department officer in covering up his sexual assaults, will not be standing public trial. The high charge approval standard in B.C. means that men are almost never held accountable for sexually assaulting women. By not holding to account all police officers involved in covering up the sexual assault of these vulnerable young women, the B.C. Prosecution Service is yet again failing to act in the public’s interest and in particular, in the interest of women.


Sophia Hladik
On behalf of the collective of Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter


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