Men at Work - Fighting Sexism

Friday, April 1, 2011

Men At Work - Fighting Sexism from Vancouver Rape Relief.

Has violence against women troubled you? Are you ready to put some time and attention to making an impact?

Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter provides practical, meaningful ways for men to contribute to our struggle. Everyone is welcome to join Friends of Rape Relief, a vibrant group of voluntary fundraisers that has been working in the community to sustain Vancouver Rape Relief for over 30 years.

This fundraising committee is a significant achievement of men and women working progressively together. Men not only talk the talk about ending violence against women, they literally walk the walk; co-organizing monthly on-the-street canvassing and an annual fundraising walk-a-thon that draws hundreds of supporters committed to raising money for our shelter. This money allows our centre to continue operating 24 hours every day and to remain a positive force for women's equality. Continue reading

To get involved call us at (604) 872-8212