Flesh Mapping: Vancouver Markets Pacific Women 2008 - Inside look at the Process

Flesh Mapping: Vancouver markets pacific womenVancouver - 2008

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of Vancouver RapeRelief and Women’s Shelter, Canada’s oldest rape crisis centre took the opportunity that WACK! Art and the FeministRevolution was on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery to develop Flesh Mapping: Vancouver Markets Pacific

Women. Through the year of 2008, the collective met with artists, art historians and archivists. Then working with local women artists, rape victims,

activists, battered women, prostituted women, teachers, political scientists and writers, we created a process that meshed consciousness raising, public art practice and local organizing. Group discussions held weekly


For 7 months we met, discovered, discussed and investigated links between the international trafficking of women and the Vancouver demand for prostitution. We settled on bed sheets as an artistic unit, a canvas and a bed as our uniting display. Artists work with local women to facilitate the transfer of thoughtsand ideas onto the sheets


With the assistance of artists,

Haruko Okano, Bettina Matzkuhn, Susanne Rutchinski, Krista Tupper,

we created and produced morethan 50 bed sheets.