Examples of Men's Behaviours that Constitute Sexual Harassment

Tuesday, January 1, 1985

Examples of men’s behaviours that constitute sexual harassment against women please read below

*Any conduct, comment, gesture, or contact of a sexual nature that is likely to cause offence or humiliation

Insults directed at a person's gender, skin color, place of origin, sexual choice, suggestive comments or language and demeaning remarks to unwelcome touching, grabbing, and other physical assaults.

Leering and verbal abuse, as well as demands for sex accompanied by coercion, blackmail or threats of reprisals.

Pinups, graffiti, jokes and slurs even when they are not directed at an individual can poison a work environment, making it hostile and intimidating for women workers.

*These have been judged as offensive by the recipient (woman) attacked, whether or not it was the intention of the man to harass, abuse, or assault. (B.C. Ombudsman Public Report No. 29)

*Ignorance of what constitutes sexual harassment is not a defense against a charge. (Canada Labour Code).