Press Release: #MeToo - encouraging campaign that we must push forward

Monday, October 16, 2017

[VANCOUVER, B.C.] In the last 24 hours, women all over North America have revealed they were victims of sexual assault by posting #MeToo on their Twitter and Facebook pages.
Hilla Kerner, spokeswoman for Vancouver Rape Relief: “Women are using #MeToo to express solidarity with each other, to reveal our shared experience as women in the world”. “We need to be mindful not to leave it at that” Kerner continues “we need to take it to the next level, to come together as women and to transform the power relationship between men and women in our society”


Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter is Canada’s first rape crisis centre, operating a 24-hour rape crisis line and transition house for battered women and their children. In the past year alone, Vancouver Rape Relief responded to 1,200 women escaping male violence including rape, battering, and prostitution.

Media contact: Hilla Kerner, 604-872-8212, [email protected]