Press Release: March 8 - International Women’s Day - Vancouver Rape Relief is Calling on the Provincial Government to Take Action Against Male Violence Against Women

Thursday, March 8, 2018

[VANCOUVER, B.C.] March 8th, International Women’s Day, is a day for celebration of the gains women have made while calling on governments to act diligently to advance the status of women in our society.

The #MeToo campaign and women’s uprising all over the world has exposed how much violence is still a common experience of women locally and globally.

Hilla Kerner, spokeswoman for Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter: “Violence against women is a devastating force that keeps women oppressed. There will be no equality for women as long as men rape, beat and buy women.”

Vancouver Rape Relief is calling on the Province to elevate women’s economic vulnerability and to use the criminal justice system to hold abusive men accountable. Kerner: “Guaranteed Livable Income will protect women from resorting to prostitution, it will allow battered women to leave violent men because they will have enough for housing and food for their children. Guaranteed Livable Income will enable women to leave working places where they are objectified, exploited and harassed." 

"When it comes to the criminal justice system, there is a lot of talk but very little change” says Kerner. “We haven’t seen a systemic transformation that will result in thorough and timely police investigations, charges and convictions of men who commit violence against women.”

“The time is now” Kerner concluding “All women deserve safe lives, free from poverty and violence and we want the government to do their part to get us there.”


Contact: Hilla Kerner, 604-872-8212, hilla[at]