Press Release: Local Women’s Groups are Critical of Vancouver Police Department’s Continued Refusal to Arrest Men who Prey on Vulnerable Adult Women in Prostitution

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Earlier today (Wednesday – January 23, 2019) VPD held a press conference announcing the arrest of men who were attempting to buy “sexual services” from underage girls.

While appreciating the particular effort made by the VPD, local women’s groups are critical that in high profile VPD investigations that led to the conviction of men who pimped underage girls (like Reza Moazami and Michael Bannon), none of the ‘johns’ who sexually exploited the victims, were arrested.

In addition, the VPD is still adamant in their refusal to up hold the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (Bill C-36) that came in to effect in 2014.

Fay Blaney of the Aboriginal Women’s Action Network: “in a year of a National Inquiry – it is shameful that the VPD is still not taking any action against men who sexually exploit Indigenous women in the sex trade”

Trisha Baptie, from EVE (formerly Exploited Voices now Educating): "Men have always been seeking out teenagers to sexually assault, and underage girls can not be considered "sex workers." We know, as former prostituted women (often with a history of sexual abuse from childhood) the announcement today that some men were arrested is not enough. The VPD must frequently conduct stings to deter men from sexually exploiting girls and women to make Vancouver into a city where female bodies are not for sale."

Suzanne Jay from Asian Women for Equality: “It’s a slow start for the Vancouver Police Department, but hopefully they will catch up to current widespread recognition that the adult women in the Asian themed massage parlours and micro-brothels also deserve the protection of law enforcement.”


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