Press Release: Grouping Women proven an effective measure to Prevent Rape on Campus

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Grouping Women proven an effective measure to Prevent Rape on Campus 

[VANCOUVER, B.C.] On June 11, 2015, a new research “Efficiency of a Sexual Assault Resistance Program for University Women” will be published in The New England Journal of Medicine confirming that gathering women to understand the frequency of sexual assault by male acquaintances and possible strategies for effective resistance in reducing their risks to be raped and sexually assault.   

Hilla Kerner, spokeswoman for Vancouver Rape Relief and women’s shelter welcomes the research stating: “It’s a comprehensive research that explicitly names and addresses the overwhelming phenomena of men’s sexual violence against women on campus.”

Kerner validates the conclusions of the research “We know from the work of women’s centres, rape crisis centres and transitions houses that grouping women in a women-only safe spaces to learn, support and strategize is a powerful tool in resisting male violence against women.” “However” Kerner continues, “working with women is not enough. It’s crucial to hold men accountable for their violent acts against women.”  

“We are calling on all higher education institutions to support the grouping of women on campus on the one hand and to create and enforce systemic effective measures that will sanction and deter men from harming women.” Kerner concludes. 



The research can be found here:

Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelteris Canada’s first rape crisis centre. VRRWSoperates a 24 hour rape crisis line and transition house for battered women and their children. In the past year alone, VRRWS responded to 1,200 women escaping male violence.

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