An Open Letter to

Monday, February 22, 2016

We, women’s groups in Vancouver, Coast Salish territory, Canada, are outraged to find out that offered a platform to the man who raped and murdered numerous women from the Vancouver neighborhood known as the Downtown Eastside. We understand that currently, due to the public outcry, the “book” is no longer available for sale via Amazon but this does not excuse nor relieves Amazon’s responsibility for your original decision to capitalize on the brutal deadly attack on women. 

We stand in solidarity with the families, the survivors and all the front line workers and advocates who are fighting for remembrance and justice for the victims and the community. We applaud those who initiated the petition for “Solidarity with families of the victims of serial killer Robert Pickton” and the thousands who continue to sign it.
We are calling on Amazon to implement humane principled criteria to what books you are selling and we will not hesitate to boycott Amazon if you refuse to do so. The recent incident is a clear indication that many in the public reject Amazon’s shameful exploitive choice to profit from violence against women.

Battered Women Support Services
February 14 Women's Memorial March
Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter
WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre

For more information:

Hilla Kerner, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter. 604-872-8212, hillak(at)