Jane Doe Wins Against Metro Toronto Police

Friday, July 3, 1998

The women of Vancouver Rape Relief & Women's Shelter are very pleased that Jane Doe has won her case against the Toronto police force. In her 11 year legal battle, Jane  has made a significant contribution to the on-going struggle of equality-seeking women's groups to get police forces to respond swiftly, thoroughly and effectively to women and to crimes of violence against women. 

Since Jane won the "right" for people to bring litigation against police forces for negligence, at least  two women in B.C. have done so.  Many more women no doubt will until there are significant changes in the way police forces respond to crimes of violence against women. 

Jane Doe argued that she (and all women) under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has  the right to security of person and the behavior of police denied this right.  This is a powerful argument and decision to be precedent in law. 

The Campbell Report in Ontario conducted after the rapes and murders of a number of women by Paul Bernardo as well as the B.C. Coronor's inquest into the Vernon murders, and the Arlene May coronor's inquest  have completely reinforced Jane Doe's point about police.  The Judge Wood Report investigating the behavior of the RCMP in B.C. in relation to the Vernon murders is now complete.  The  RCMP have not been willing to release it to public scrutiny.  We call on them to do so. 

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