Global Resistance

Here you will find the majority of articles and resources listed on the website. We have categorized the resources according to the main forces that women are organising themselves to fight against: violence against women, women's health, the objectification of women, control and manipulation of women's sexuality, the forces of imperialism and colonialism, capitalizing on women' s work, and lastly, a category for second wave feminism.

This website library is a work in progress. We will continue to add and build on the content. The readings under 'Global Resistance' are heavily weighted to the issues of violence against women but we recognise that fighting the forces of male violence requires integrating race and class struggles.

Largest Global Study on Violence Against Women Finds Feminist Movements Hold the Key to Change

Why the Independent Women's Movement: Why Feminism is a Theory and Practice That Will Move the World Towards Liberty Statements to the Left 1982-1986, by Lee Lakeman