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In this episode we discuss federal and provincial measures to combat some aspects of pornography, hear from UK based Lesbian feminist-activist Liane about the Cardiff’s Lesbian visibility march and listen to Tracy Chapman’s Song “Talkin bout a revolution”

May 28, 2024

April 26th - Lesbian Visibility Day! Listen to our interviews with Liane Timmermann from Get The L Out UK and Natalie Wlock from the Vancouver Lesbian Collective.

April 24, 2021

Prostitution enforces compulsory heterosexuality by teaching men that they have the right to access women’s bodies on their terms and to expect prostitution-like behaviour from other women. Lesbianism, by contrast, can create more sexual autonomy for women by providing an alternative for some women that is also an example to society of sexuality that is not male-controlled.

By Kathleen Piovesan, Jacqueline Gullion and Erin Graham
February 23, 2011

The function of pornography as an influence on consciousness is a major public issue of our time, when a multibillion-dollar industry has the power to disseminate increasingly sadistic, women-degrading visual images But even so-called soft-core pornography and advertising depict women as objects of sexual appetite devoid of emotional context, without individual meaning or personality: essentially as a sexual commodity to be consumed by males


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