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Although efforts to increase the number of women in policing is worthwhile, it alone will not shift the toxic, misogynistic culture into one that values women’s contributions.

By Laurel McBride
January 9, 2024

We see time and time again that men are charged with assault and uttering threats, and released back into the community with no meaningful oversight to ensure they do not make good on those threats. Last year in B.C., five women were murdered by a current or ex-male partner that were released on conditions to stay away from these women. These orders did not protect them. We desperately need robust mechanisms to ensure that women and their children are protected from men who pose grave risks to them. 

By Laurel McBride
June 1, 2023

The Women’s Equality Coalition believes that poor understanding and implementation of the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (PCEPA, 2014) is the main cause of inefficiencies in Canada’s efforts to end human trafficking. The Women’s Equality Coalition is encouraging the government to fully implement the Equality Model to protect and support women and girls in prostitution and those who are victims of human trafficking.

April 2023

"The decision whether to oppose or consent to bail, and on what terms, requires Crown Counsel to consider and weigh the competing interests of the accused, the public, and victims.  Crown Counsel cannot predict the future actions of the accused with certainty, and thus cannot eliminate all risks. "

July 28, 2022

Chilliwack police and crown believed the victim. The perpetrator was charged. Why wasn’t he kept in custody until his trial? Why was he given the freedom to kill the women?

By Hilla Kerner
July 25, 2022

At present, a very small number of sexual assault cases reported to police across the country result in a trial. Men in Canada know that they can beat and rape women and children with impunity. As one of our callers, for whom the Crown has decided not to press charges against her rapist, said to us, “Rape, effectively, is legal in Canada”.

By Hilla Kerner
May 17, 2022

For you, as city council members, who we trust to take seriously the lack of women’s safety in Vancouver and the high number of women and children in Vancouver who are victims of sexual violence, we urge you to demand the following data from the VPD in order to effectively evaluate their work responding to sexual assault: How many of the sexual assault cases were “cleared by charges?” How many of the sexual assault cases that were initially “cleared by charges” actually ended up with the case proceeding to trial?

May 11, 2022

An in-person event at the Vancouver Cinematheque

December 2021

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