What can women do about sexist violence against women?


Male Violence Against Women ~ What can women do?

  • Get information about your rights in your workplace and your home
  • If you are isolated, join a women's group to get some support
  • In both public places and in the home, offer your support and alliance to a woman you know is dealing with male violence
  • If you are in a relationship with a man who is violent towards you or your children, call a transition house or rape crisis centre to get help and information - we'll help you escape.
  • If your employer isn't acting effectively to stop sexual harassment in your workplace, call a rape crisis centre to get backup.
  • Volunteer at your local rape crisis centre, transition house or women's centre

These things are simple. Ending male violence against women isn't mysterious. It requires the combined effort of all of us to end rape, sexual assault and woman beating.

What can men do?