The newspapers and tv are saying rape drugs are an epidemic. How do I protect myself?

This information is not intended to serve as or replace legal advice. Please contact a feminist rape crisis centre, transition house or women's centre to get further information and referrals for legal advice for your specific situation.

Rape drugs are nothing new. Rohypnol and GHB are only the latest drugs men rape with. Attention focuses on Rohypnol, but rapists continue to use alcohol, prescription medication, marijuana, cocaine, heroin etc. to access and incapacitate women.

Women are bombarded with warnings to modify their behaviour in order to stay safe from Rohypnol but the number of women calling our rape crisis line to report the use of drugs or alcohol as a factor in rape remains constant at about one-quarter of the reports we receive each year.

Women continue to take precautions such as: going out in groups and watching out for one another in social situations. However, the onus should not be on women to continually adjust and restrict their behaviour. A more effective prevention strategy would be for men to challenge their male friends who choose to attack women by using drugs and alcohol.

For more information read our Feminist Guide to Rape Drugs (text version) or download the pamphlet to your computer for printing.