The Fallacy (L’Imposture), [Escaping the Sex Trade] Film by Ève Lamont

Event Date: 
Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 17:00
Vancity Theatre

"The reality of sex work is hard, ugly, and often deadly. Director Ève Lamont (Squat, Pas de pays sans paysans) pulls no punches in her film about the women who are actively trying to leave the sex trade. Lamont, with help from anthropologist Rose Dufour, makes a cogent and impassioned argument for the abolition of prostitution. For women who come from abusive families and relationships, sex work seems to initially offer a means of escape. But the act of selling sex is never a simple transaction. As Dufour says, “prostitution is not a trade, the bodies of women are not commodities that can be exchanged for money. Prostitution is sexual exploitation of women and violence against women.” The power of the film lies in the stories of the individual women profiled, who speak with painful and blunt honesty, reclaiming their humanity with stunning courage. "

Lee Lakeman will join Ève Lamont to answer questions.

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