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Abolition of Prostitution

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We wish to abolish (end) prostitution because we understand prostitution as sexual exploitation and male violence against women. Prostitution normalizes the subordination of women. It exploits and compounds systemic inequality on the basis of sex, race, poverty, age and disability.

Our analysis of prostitution as a harmful patriarchal institution and our commitment to abolition is derived from, and reinforced by, the prostituted women who call us and the members of our own collective who have exited prostitution.

Feminist Demands from the Canadian State: Providing Guaranteed Livable Income to women to protect them from resorting to prostitution and allowing women to exit prostitution; Providing women with women-only detox and recovery services on demand; Providing women with comprehensive feminist exiting services; The Criminal Justice System must enforce the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act. Police, Crown and Court must uphold the law and criminalize men who sell, buy and profit from the sexual exploitation of women in prostitution.

Starting from our position that prostitution is neither necessary nor desired by women and represents at best the “constrained choices” of women, we explore what are the links between the local demand of men for prostitution and the global traffic in girls and women.

November 2008
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Peer Counselling
Grouping with other women
Advocacy with police
Accompaniment to a sexual assault exam
Housing for women and children escaping violence

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