Rape Relief Blog: Women's Waves

Women's Waves - Episode 11 - Chrystos

Poetry reading by the Indigenous lesbian feminist poet Chrystos.Recorded on Dec 5th 2020, as part of our annual Montreal Massacre Memorial.

Women's Waves - Episode 10 - The impact of COVID-19 on women

COVID-19 has highlighted and exacerbated existing struggles women face, and has created additional challenges too.

Women's Waves - Episode 8 - Dominique Christina

Listen here to the award-winning poet, author, educator, and activist <

Women's Waves - Episode 7 - Sisterhood in the Transition House

Listen here to the coversation with women who stayed in our ow

Women's Waves - Episode 6 - e nina jay

Listen here to "black, lesbian, womanist, feminist, poet and survivor" e nin

Women’s Waves – Episode 3: Dispelling Prostitution Myths

Listen here (Episode is also available on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify and