Launching Women's Waves : A podcast by Vancouver Rape Relief Episode 1

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Every year, Vancouver Rape Relief hosts its annual Montreal Massacre Memorial, a day of remembrance of the tragic events of Dec 6th 1989 at École Polytechnique in Montréal, where Marc Lépine entered the engineering school with a gun and killed 14 women because he hated feminists.

At the 2018 edition last December, we invited local women to participate in a workshop on how to create a feminist podcast. We asked women some questions about their life as a women, and here’s is what they had to say.

- Have you ever experienced a women only space ?
- Have you ever asked a man in your life to change his sexist behavior ?
- What do you tell men when they ask what they can do to help end women’s oppression ?
- How do you feel walking in the streets at night ?
- Have you ever been coerced into a sexual act ?
- Has a man ever used technology to harass you ?

Stay tuned for more Women's Waves radical feminist podcasts!

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