The Just Project: A call out to women victims of abuse

My name is Emma Windsor-Liscombe and I am the founder of the JUST Project. A little bit about me: I am a contemporary artist and an independent publisher. My art practice focuses mainly on women’s narratives, mental health and experience, while my publishing company, Rarebit Press, produces children’s books, with our Missy the One-Eyed Dog series being our predominant focus.

My experience and expertise in the creative arena has been an important element in the development of the JUST Project. I wanted to find a way to combine contemporary art practice with contemporary fashion curation in order to rethink how I as a feminist can become actively involved in fighting for justice for women.

In addition, the JUST Project seeks to honour my late cousin and follow through with plans we had made before her death. In this way I hope to create a platform that can benefit any woman who feels she would like to share her story, anonymously, through a creative process that could be healing and, that could help deter feelings of isolation, which for me have been the most difficult result of personal challenges and/or traumatic experiences. 

if you have been exploited or trafficked; suffered with your mental health and trauma: send me an image (photographed against a plain background, I suggest a white sheet) of one item of clothing that you feel symbolizes your experience. You do not need to give any personal details, but describe why you have picked this item. My intention is to take the images and accompanying stories and include them on this website for others to see. My aim is to exhibit this content in a gallery where a broader audience can learn from it.

How to submit/What you can do 

  My Cousin: Shoes; Emma Windsor-Liscombe, 2020.