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A letter to my rapist # 2

By Natasha
April 25, 2022

You hurt me, more than my words could ever articulate. When I think back to when I was 15, I put my trust in you and couldn’t ever imagine that you would be the one to violate me. I told you what happened to me two months before. And what happened that night you took me into the “outhouse” destroyed me and my youth. You took advantage of me, of my kindness. I didn’t know what you were doing to me until it was happening. No, it wasn’t consensual because I was on top. You told me to follow you, you told me to go on top, you pulled my pants down without consent. All you said was that it was going to be okay. You kept raping me as I cried. Looking back, you asking me whether you wanted me to call the police was a way of manipulating me into minimizing what happened. You felt bad and you were scared because you raped me. I’m not afraid to say what happened because what you did was wrong, and terribly coercive. You, Owen, raped a 15 year old girl on August 12, 2012. This is my first time saying your name out loud after all these years. One day I truly hope you understand how much pain and hurt that goes through my body each time I remember what you did. But today, I choose to transform that pain and anger into forgiveness, especially forgiveness to myself

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